What We Do

Search Systems A300 Aerostat

Flying an aerostat mounted camera over Lough Neagh.

Sky Watch is an airborne observation charity which has been operating UK wide for the past 10 years.

Through an MOU with the Police Service of Northern Ireland, Sky Watch NI carry out aerial searches for vulnerable, missing people e.g. people with Alzheimer’s, children lost in sand dunes, people at risk of committing suicide and the families of those who have committed suicide.

We also assist the Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service (NIFRS) through their MOU, by attending fires where fire fighters, wildlife and the environment need protection, to observe and report to the NIFRS personnel on the ground.

The charity is registered and run on a similar basis to the lifeboats. Pilots and aircrew give their time and aircraft free of charge, therefore running costs are low.

Funds generated in Northern Ireland benefit local people in Northern Ireland. Our organisation helps everyone who is in need of our services and is cross-community and non-political.

NIFRS MoUs Signing

Pictured at the signing of the agreement are (l-r) Paul Trimble, Unit Chief Pilot, Skywatch and Chris Kerr, Interim Chief Fire Officer, NIFRS.

Our team relies exclusively on volunteers’ help.

Sky Watch, also known as the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), is affiliated with the Civil Air Patrol of America, an auxiliary service of the United States Air Force. Unlike our US counterparts however, Sky Watch UK, including Sky Watch NI only assist in humanitarian or ecological searches.

To find out more about Sky Watch UK, including local branches, visit www.ukcivilairpatrol.co.uk