Foxbat Light Aircraft

Foxbat and NWMRT ambulanceThe Foxbat is our light aircraft, capable of several hours flight time and carries two crew, one pilot and one searcher. The ‘bubble’ style doors allow the crew to look straight down from the sides of the aircraft giving them excellent visual range. Video is streamed live from the cockpit to the ground crew giving them an additional view.

Quadcopter UAV

frontpage_equipmentThe quadcopter offers immediate video display in HD, thermal or infrared from up to 500 metres away from the pilot with a flight time of 15 minutes.

The UAV also provides precise location coordinates and the ability to drop small items such as marker lights, emergency supplies or even a second camera for personnel arriving on scene, to relay video back to the search coordinators.

It can be flown in winds up to 20 mph day or night.

Fixed Wing UAV

Search drone flying over marina The fixed wing UAV flys in up to 30mph winds with a flight time of over 30 minutes. Carrying a colour optical camera, autopilot and wireless video relay, it is designed for fast, wide area searches.

It is launched by hand and requires a very small landing area making it ideal for quick deployment and retrieval.


Search Systems A300 AerostatThe aerostat can fly for up to 48 hours with a range of payloads. Each payload is battery operated and runs continuously for a minimum of six hours.

Capable of exceptional video stability in up to 40mph winds, the camera on board can be HD< thermal or infrared.

Air sensors can also be fitted for monitoring temperature or other weather data. The aerostat is also safe for use above crowds and indoors, making it an excellent observational tool for large events where people can be lost in a crowd.

Ground Stations

Some of our high tech search drones and radio receivers on loan from Search Systems.A range of ground stations on display at a fundraising day. On the left is the Quadcopter and RC controller with video display screen.

On the right is the video recording, controller and video display for the aerostat.

The range and signal strength is also boosted by the WiFi antenna seen behind the aerostat ground station.

Tracked Vehicle

rov videoing potential threatThe tracked vehicle is for specialist deployments only, such as hazardous material discovery (HAZMAT) or dangerous building entry.

It carries a range of cameras and/or sensors, can open doors, climb stairs and is remotely operated similar to the UAVs.

Foxbat over Slieve Croob

Skywatch flying over Slieve CroobThe Foxbat flying over some of the more challenging conditions of Slieve Croob, after over eight feet of snow fell in the area.

Search Systems

Search SystemsAll of the Sky Watch UAVs, UGVs and aerostats are provided by Search Systems for Sky Watch to use in the search for missing persons. Without their sponsorship we would not be able to provide this invaluable service. For more information visit